Modules for BlitzMax

All modules have been written by Richard Hanson (pantson) and are freely avaliable to use in your own projects. These projects can be free, shareware or commercial. All modules have been developed over time and a lot of work has gone into them.

pantson.MPEG v1.23Plays MPEG movies. This is under a GPL license. All code created using this mod must also fall under the GPL license.
pantson.Morph v1.0Morphs from image to another in realtime.
pantson.REKO v1.0Loads images in from a REKO card set.
pantson.Theora v2.2Plays Theora ogg movies. No sound support. Based on a BSD license. Free for commercial use
pantson.YUV v1.1Converts YUV information and displays it on a pixmap.

If you do find the modules useful, please make a donation for the continued development of old and new modules.
Thank you
Rich Hanson

Other BlitzMax modules

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